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ABSENTE, La Crème 18% ALC/VOL 70 CL

The power of absinthe blended with the velvety smoothness of cream.


ABSENTE La Crème, a gentle introduction to the mysterious and slightly sinful world of absinthe.

Following on from Absente and Grande Absente, discover the first absinthe cream liqueur.
A genuine cream liqueur with less than 10 mg/liter of thujone.
ABSENTE La Crème preserves the true spirit of the Absente (absinthe, mint, lemon balm and green anise) while adding a gentle, velvety touch.
ABSENTE La Crème can be drunk at any time, neat, ice-cold or over ice cubes.

Tips: Add a few ice cubes to ABSENTE La Crème and watch them take on an iridescent glow from the pistachio green color of the liqueur.


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With the blend of cream and absinthe….

ABSENTE La crème is smooth and velvety with a silky-fresh taste, the perfect risk-free introduction to absinthe.

ABSENTE La crème is an invitation to let go just for one moment, to get away from it all, to take a "leave of Absente," as you enjoy the taste of a unique liqueur,

with friends, with your partner, for any occasion….

ABSENTE La crème combines the velvety smoothness of cream and the power of absinthe, with hints of menthol and freshness.

ABSENTE La Crème is a cream liqueur (18% Alc/Vol) comprising of cream, alcohol, sugar, infusions and essences of armoise (Artemisia Vulgaris) and grande absinthe (Artemisia absinthium), alcoholate of green anise, alcoholate of southern wormwood (Artemisia abrotanum), star anise essence (anethole), alcoholates of lemon balm and mint and a green coloring (brillian blue FCF and tartrazine)

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The thujone content of this cream liqueur is less than 10 mg/L.

The basic recipe is fairly similar to Absente but with the addition of southernwood (arquebuse). This highly aromatic plant is a member of the genus Artemisia and its lemony, camphire taste brings out the absinthe element of the cream liqueur.

Production method

The wormwood plants are macerated in alcohol and then distilled.

We then mix the different ingredients with the cream.



How do you drink it?

Absente la crème is best enjoyed neat, ice-cold, or over ice cubes.
Absente la crème can also be added to cocktails:
It is not advisable to mix the creme with acidic or lemon-based products.

Organoleptic profile:
Appearance: beautiful pistachio green color with a slightly velvety texture when you shake the glass.
The gentle pistachio green color fires our imagination and our desire to take a “leave of Absente.”

Nose: The first note to reach your nose is the cream but when you shake the glass it releases notes of camphire, anise and methol.

Mouth: a creamy attack which is quickly followed by a powerful aromatic punch from the absinthe plants which give structure and length of taste. It then finished on the fresh, menthol notes from the plant alcoholates which bring elegance and length of flavor.

Storage: between 0ºC and 25°C. Once open, it is best drunk within 6 months.