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Douce, Half pear/half Cognac 30% ALC/VOL 50CL


The natural flavor of Williams pears from the Southern Alps combine with Cognac to make Douce, the most exquisite of pear liqueurs. Full-bodied, rich and velvety-smooth, Douce leaves a gentle taste of vanilla and spices in the mouth.

-    Enjoy Douce chilled, simply poured over a few ice-cubes.

-    Douce is delicious served with a chocolate dessert or red fruit or pear sorbets.

-    A small glass (1 to 2 cl) is the perfect addition to a café gourmand at the end of a meal.

Our tip: Enjoy Douce poured over ice in a Cognac glass.




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The first brandy, also very aptly called eau de vie (water of life - thought to bring immortality to the drinker), was made back in the 13th century. It started out as simply a spirit mixed with sugar. However, very quickly, in Haute Provence for example, these liqueurs came to be flavored with mountain herbs: genepi, hyssop, wild thyme, etc. People were already beginning to discover the life prolonging, mood lifting, love kindling and youth maintaining virtues of spirits.
Burns from fire and boiling water were also treated by copiously soaking them with spirits.

It was not until the 13th century that the eau de vie produced by the double distillation of white wines from a very specific area was to be raised to the next level in oak casks to make Cognac. Cognac derives its color, aromas and its very specific structure from the permanent exchange between the spirit and the ambient air while in the oak casks.

Twice Gold Medal winner at the San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition in the US in 2003, Douce is made from a blend of pear eau de vie and Cognac.
This liqueur (30% alc/vol) is a delicate union of pear eau de vie, made in the Alpine sunshine of the Durance valley, and 2-year old Cognac, from aged Cognacs de Petite Charente.

Production method

Williams pear come from the Southern Alps where the terroir and climate (sheltered sunny slopes) is particularly conducive to their maturation.
The fruits are rigorously selected because their quality is a defining factor of the aromas, flavors and finesse of the eau de vie.

The pears are pressed and left to ferment. At the end of this period of fermentation, the liquid portion is distilled to obtain the pear eau de vie.

The oak-aged Cognac and the pear eau de vie are very carefully blended to achieve the perfect balance.
It is the cognac, which gives Douce its structure and the pear eau de vie and the cognac cask, which give it its aromatic fruit and vanilla character.

How do you drink it?

To best appreciate the very special essential flavors of pear, fresh apple, vanilla and caramel of this heavenly blend, enjoy it ice cold in a liqueur glass.
Or why not try Douce with your desserts or with chocolate? You will be pleasantly surprised!

Organoleptic profile

Appearance: Douce has a golden yellow, clear, bright color.
Bouquet: It has a powerful fruity nose with a distinctive complex flavor from the Williams pears, which blends harmoniously with the woody notes from the Cognac.
Palate: Sweet, rich and velvety smooth, the attack on the palate is predominantly fruit which leads onto the woody flavor of the Cognac and finally to notes of vanilla and spice.