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Genepi 40% ALC/VOL 50CL



A symbol of the mountains, Génépi enjoys the same aura of mystery that surrounds all inaccessible things. It is a drink for connoisseurs and lovers of herbal liqueurs.

-    This aromatic liqueur will revive and heat up tired limbs after a day's skiing and is always well received for its digestive qualities at the end of a fondue evening with friends…
-    Génépi is also an excellent partner for pork chops or a pork roast.
-    You will enjoy it poured over a lemon sorbet as a palate-cleansing "trou provençal" between courses.

Our tip: As a digestif, chilled or on the rocks. Add a few drops [of Génépi] to a sugar cube and dip in coffee (the French call this a "canard").





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Liqueurs made their appearance at the time of the discovery of alcohol in the 18th century. Originally they were simply eau de vie mixed with sugar and called "eau divine" (divine water). However, quickly, certain producers found a way to produce an even better drink. In Haute Provence, for example, they flavored the liqueurs with mountain herbs: genipi, hyssop, mountain thyme… Drunk for pleasure or used as medicines, these different liqueurs were believed to have the most marvellous properties. Apothecaries had shown no interest whatsoever in genipi and the other mountain herbs until the 16th century. However the people who lived in the mountains, particularly the alp dwellers, had known these herbs for a long time and used them to prevent chills and for their tonic and digestive properties. Likewise, the monks used them to make aromatic elixirs and liqueurs which were greatly prized for their therapeutic qualities and taste. Important snippets of information: Genipis belong to the same family as the absynthes (Artemisia). Genipi does not grow under 2000m altitude… Enthusiasts take note!

Génépi liqueur (40%/vol) is made from an infusion and spirit of genipi, extracts of different plants, alcohol, sugar and chlorophyll.


The genipi used is white genipi Artemisia mutellina grown for us in the Hautes Alpes region. The flowering tops are gathered from mid-June to early July. Immediately after their harvest, the flowers are dried in a fresh, dry place until they are required. The dried plants (now even more aromatic) are then macerated for two weeks in a water and alcohol mixture. When the aromatic fraction has been fully extracted, the infusion (the aromatic heart of the extraction) is drawn off (racking) and the plants, still steeped in alcohol and flavor, are distilled to seek out all the plant flavor, producing what is known as the genipi spirit. We add aromatic extracts of genipi (mixture of various distilled plants) to our product to produce a liqueur that's unique to our region. The chlorophyll is used to give the Génépi liqueur its beautiful green color. Once the various components have been blended, the Génépi is checked, tasted, filtered and then bottled on the Estate.


How do you drink it?

Génépi is drunk as a digestif, chilled or at room temperature.
Add a few drops [of Génépi] to a sugar cube and dip in coffee (the French call this a "canard").
Over a lemon sorbet as a palate-cleansing "trou provençal" between courses.
With pork chops or a pork roast.

Organoleptic profile

Appearance: At the time of production Génépi is green in color thanks to the presence of chlorophyll. Over time, due to natural oxidation, the color will darken, taking on gold to brown hues.
Bouquet: Its nose has the characteristic warmth of the genipi with fresh, floral and menthol notes.
Palate: The attack on the palate is predominantly plant flavors which go on to merge with a gentle menthol taste. Génépi is intense with a fairly good length of flavor.