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Orange Colombo 15% ALC/VOL 75CL

The refreshing aperitif with hints of citrus


Infusion of sweet and bitter oranges. Lubéron rosé wine. Quinquina infusion. Curaçao spirit. Natural orange flavoring. Cane sugar. Alcohol.

-    It's a clever infusion of all these ingredients which gives Orange Colombo its unique flavor.

-    Orange Colombo is a particularly pleasant, refreshing companion for desserts, particularly chocolate desserts and citrus or fresh fruit salads.

Our tip: The perfect aperitif for those who love drinks with bitter or spicy flavors.

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The products we use today as aperitifs have long been considered remedies. In addition, the word "aperitif" means that which stimulates the appetite." In the past, herbs, spices or fruits with properties that healed various maladies were macerated in wine (which was itself considered to be medicine). Thus, bitter orange (bigarade) rinds and sweet orange were recognized for their aperitif properties. In addition, orange wine taken on an empty stomach before a meal was recommended in cases of loss of appetite. Likewise, Peruvian bark (Cinchona officinalis) was frequently used for "tonic" or "fortifying" preparations.
Gradually, the remedies were transformed into an aperitif (in the sense that we know them) prepared according to "grandmother's recipes" that belonged to each family.
The recipe for Orange Colombo (from the name of a variety of orange with a rind often used to make orange wine) is taken from a traditional recipe for a flavored sweetened wine.
A wine-based aperitif flavored with orange and spices, in Provence, Orange Colombo is the popular descendant of hippocras (sweetened wine in which cinnamon and cloves were infused).

The oranges have been grown on the Côte d'Azur since at least the 13th century.
The orange tree was brought to our country during the Crusades. The fruit ripens in spring and the trees only live outside in the warm climates of Provence.




Orange Colombo is a 15% alc/vol aperitif based on rosé wine from Lubéron, infusions of sweet and bitter oranges, a Peruvian bark infusion, spirit of curaçao, natural orange flavoring, sugar cane and alcohol.

Production method

The orange infusions are made from orange rinds, Côte d'Azur type "green ribbons," and sweet orange rinds macerated in a water and alcohol mixture.
After assembly of the various ingredients, Orange Colombo is "aged" in a barrel for 6 weeks to give it time to round off. Then, it is filtered, inspected, tasted and bottled.

How do you drink it?

The Orange Colombo aperitif is drunk neat, cold and possibly with ice cubes.

Ideas for pairing
Orange Colombo goes very well with all dark chocolate cakes. Some of it can also be added to duck à l'orange.

Organoleptic Profile

Appearance: The color of Orange Colombo depends greatly on that of the rosé wine from which it is made. Its appearance may go from an orange pink to a light raspberry tint.
Bouquet: On the nose, the first notes are more on the orange rind, with a fruitier note of mandarin. The spicy aromas of mulled wine are also found.
Palate: The tastes on the palate are shared between the fruity orange flavor and a more vegetal zest note. The balance between the sugar content and acidity make Orange Colombo a very refreshing aperitif. Its taste lingering on the orange zest is strengthened by the bitterness in the final note.

Before opening, like a wine: ideally away from light in a dry place with a stable temperature, between 10 and 20°C.
After opening: it can be kept cold for several months. The product may show some signs of aging or oxidation, which does not necessarily change the quality of this aperitif.