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Frozen Absente Cream Parfait


Recipe for 20 people

For Swiss meringue:
•    200 g of egg whites
•    400 g of semolina sugar
Mix all ingredients, heat in bain marie to 50°C, place on mixer, set up on the casing pocket together on a greaseproof pastry board.
Cook meringues at 100°C for 2 hours.

For Pâte à bombe (French buttercream):
•    8 egg yolks
•    185 g of sugar
•    10 cl of water
•    600 g of cream
•    15 cl of cream of absente
•    10 cl of Grande Absente


by Raphael Beringer of the Restaurant Elleixir in Limonest (69)

Emulsify the raw yolks, add the 185 g of sugar with 10 cl of water at 105°C and cool.
Add whipped cream mixed with Absente cream and Grande Absente, mixed with the French buttercream, with the mixture poured into the meringue circles and placed in a deep freeze for ½ day.