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Saga Absente

The story of our products….

All simply a family history…..The history of our products which we portray and illustrate through time!
Discover all of our stories…..

Her is one of Absente...When Nectar rhymes with Art, the artists take it by force .....


Jérôme Bosh - Garden of Earthly Delights                 John J. Graham - Colorful Figuratives                         Eva Gonzales - The Italian Music Hall Box



Francisco Goya - The Straw Mannequin              Giancarlo Impiglia - Observation, Animation & Wit          Giotto Di Bondone - Meeting at the Golden Gate



Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Vertumnus                                  Gustave Caillebotte - Rainy Day                                 Gustave Courbet - The Meeting



Hans Holbein - Portrait of Georges Gisze                         Hiroshige - The Moon Pine at Ueno                            Honoré Daumier - The Uprising





Jean Auguste Ingres - La Source                                        Jean Frédéric Bazille - Family Réunion                Leonardo Da Vinci - Vitruvian Man



       Marc Franz - Blaues Pferd I                                           Michael Albert - King of Collage                     Paul Cezanne - Les joueurs de Cartes