Back country

Back country


By Thomas, Bar Manager Le Verre à Mélange, Marseille 

Ingredients : 

30 ml Orange Colombo

40 ml Mulled wine reduction

20 ml Bourbon Whisky

Orange zeste to garnish

Technique : Build drink – little tips : you can use a shaker cup as a mixing glass

Glass : Tumbler

Method :

- Fill half of the glass with ice.

- Fill half of the mixing glass with ice.

- Pour the ingredients in

- Mix with a barspoon for about 10 seconds

- Close the shaker and pour the cocktail in the glass

- Flame the zeste with a lighter to express the orange aroma.


Mulled wine reduction

Make your mulled wine, then let it simmer til there is only ¼ of the initial quantity left.

©Photo : Hélène, Le Verre à Mélange, Marseille

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