« Martini du Mistral »

« Martini du Mistral »

A 100% Distilleries and Domaines de Provence duo from @provencalbonviveur - Luberon France

Ingredients for 2 glasses:

20 cl of Gin XII

2.5 cl of Vermouth de Forcalquier (for a pronounced Provençal character)


1.75 cl of Vermouth de Forcalquier (for a drier martini)

Method (for 2 glasses):

Refrigerate glasses in the freezer (or fill them with crushed ice until very cold).

In a shaker, pour 8 x 2.5 cl measures of Gin XII and between 0.5 and 1 2.5 cl measure of Forcalquier Vermouth, depending on the degree of dryness of your Martini. The larger measure will also give more character to the Provençal scrubland.

Add 10 ice cubes to the shaker and shake or stir vigorously.

Cut two lemon zests and wrap them around a stick to release the oil from the lemon. Place each slice in the bottom of your chilled Martini glasses. For an even more Provençal flavor, you can also add a sprig of rosemary!

Filter and serve your Mistral Martini ’in both glasses.

L’image contient peut-être : boisson, table et intérieurPhoto credit: @provencalbonviveur

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