Biscuit in the confit of mandarin and supreme of dark chocolate

Biscuit in the confit of mandarin and supreme of dark chocolate

Setting-up time: 1:30 am

Tems of cooking: 25 minutes

Time of refrigeration: 3 hours

Time of freezing: the 1 hour

Utensils :
• 1 frame(executive) of 12 x 12 cms
• 1 frame(executive) of 15 x 15 cms
• 1 pastry baking tray
• 1 pan
• 1 maryse
• 1 confectioner's thermometer

Ingredients for 6 people

1/Streuzel in almonds
• 25 g of butter
• 25 g of brown sugar
• 25 g of flour
• 25 g of powder of almond

2/Dacquoise in almonds
• 3 egg whites
• 50 g of icing sugar
• 85 g of powder almonds
• 30 g of flour
• 100 g of icing sugar

3/Semi confit of mandarin 
• 4 mandarins
• 25 g of honey
• 5 cl of RinQuinQuin 

4/Crème brûlée
• 15 cl of semi-skimmed milk
• 10 cl of whole cream 35 % of fat
• 1 vanilla pod
• 25 g of sugar
• 1 g of agar agar
• 2 egg yolks

5/Supreme dark chocolate
• 75 g of dark chocolate 76 % of Colombian cocoa Tumaco de la Baleine in Dent
• 25 cl of whole milk
• 25 cl + 10 cl of whole single cream
• 1 g of agar agar


1/Realize the streuzel in almonds
In a salad bowl, mix together, the brown sugar, the powder of almond, the powder of cocoa, the flour and the salt.
Cut the cold butter in small dice, add them to the preparation and mix in the hand to train a sandy mixture.
Reserve for the refrigerator 30 minutes at least.
Spread over a plate and cook in 150°C (th 5) 10 minutes, reserve

2/Make the dacquoise in almonds
In a salad bowl, sieve the flour with the powder of almond and the sugar.
Beat white until stiff by adding from the beginning 35 g of sugar.
End in incorporating delicately into the maryse the mixture of sieved powders.
Raise to the pocket.
Pour into a frame of 12 x 12 put on a plate lined by paper sulphurized.
Cook in 190°C (th 6/7) approximately 15 minutes and reserve

3/Realize the semi-confit of mandarin 
In a pan, put the whole mandarins and cover with water at height.
Bring to a boil first time, drain and recover of water again, then begin again so as to reduce the bitterness of fruits.
Remove the mandarins of the water, slice thinly them and remove pips.
In a pan, make reduce over low heat mandarins with the honey and the RinQuinQuin.
Distribute immediately on all the surface of the dacquoise and place in the freezer during 1 hour.

4/Prepare the crème brûlée:
In a pan, mix the milk and the cream, add the split and scratched vanilla pod and let infuse.
Remove the vanilla pod, mix the sugar and the agar agar and them made dissolve in the liquid.
Put egg yolks in a salad bowl.
Pay the hot liquid above, mix and overturn again into the pan.
Bring to a boil.
When the mixture achieves 84°C, flow on the semi-confit of mandarins and place in the refrigerator during 2 hours.

Preparation of the mold :
Put down a frame of 15 x 15 cms on a pastry baking tray lined by parchment paper and put in the center the turned out insert dacquoise / confit / cream burned.
Reserve for the refrigerator.

5/ Realize the Supreme dark chocolate
Chop the chocolate and melt it in the bain-marie or the microwaves.
In a pan, made warm the milk and 25 cl of cream, add the mixture sweeten ¦ Agar agar and bring to a boil a few minutes.
Incorporate slowly a third of the hot mixture on the chocolate melted according to the rule of three thirds.
Mix to smooth and perfect the emulsion.
Let cool until 35°C In a salad bowl, whip 10 cl of whole single cream to give it a said supple and sparkling(supple and frothy,flexible and sparkling,flexible and frothy) texture " gone up sparkling ".
Incorporate delicately the sparkling gone up cream into the preparation and flow immediately into the prepared frame.
Strew immediately of streuzel in almonds.
Refrigerator until the moment to serve.

Source of inspiration :

Encyclopedia of the Chocolate

Supervised by Frédéric Bau - School of the Big Chocolate Valrhona

© Photo : Bambule Media

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