C'est la vie by Karol Piekarski

C'est la vie by Karol Piekarski


30ml Gin XII fat washed with blue cheese

30ml Noix de la Saint Jean

20ml egg white

20ml creme fraiche

10ml sugar syrup

10ml lemon juice

Top soda

Garnish: Home-made macaroons stuffed with Noix de La Saint Jean gel.


Method :

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Drain into a glass and add soda Waters after a while. Decorate with a macaroon


Blue cheese Gin XII

100g blue cheese

700ml Gin XII

We melt 100 grams of blue cheese in a small pot over low heat. Then pour it into a jar with our Gin XII, close the jar and leave it for 6 hours. Then put it in the freezer overnight. As a result, the cheese will freeze and can be easily drained. Fat wash is a method of transferring flavor from fat to alcohol. Thanks to this, we get a gin with a salty, delicate cheese note.


Macaroons with Noix de la Saint Jean

100ml Noix de la Saint Jean

1,5 g of agar

Probably everyone has a home-made, family-style macaroons recipe, so here is full freedom. Let's focus on the gel. dissolve one and a half grams of agar in 100ml of Noix de La Saint Jean and gently heat it (DO NOT BOIL). We pour it into the confectionery sleeve and fill our macaroons. Let it cool down and serve Viola

Photo/recipe credit: Karol Piekarski/Flisak 76, Gdańsk



As we know, France is famous for its excellent senses of pairing food with alcohol. I, on the other hand, like controversial and non-obvious flavors. I didn't have to think for a long time to come up with a combination of cheese and wine. But what to do to make it even more intriguing? Let's make a dessert cocktail! This is how C'est la vie was born. Combination of blue cheese, wine and nuts. After all, nuts and sweet wine go perfectly with blue cheese, so the choice of Noix de La Saint Jean was obvious to me. Why "C'est la vie"? Because my cocktail was supposed to be like life, surprising, unpredictable, but also harmonious and balanced.


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