Cake apricot-pastis     Thierry Laroche's recipe, head pastry chef

Cake apricot-pastis Thierry Laroche's recipe, head pastry chef


For a loaf pan of 20x8x6

• butter 110 g
• icing sugar 115 g
• eggs 115 g
• flour 165 g
• powder of almonds 15 g
• baking powder 4 g
• powder anise drinks (here anise drinks in grains) 4 g
• apricots softness dried 60 g
• Pastis Henri Bardouin 25 g


Cut apricots in small pieces and make them, in the Pastis, Henri Bardouin soak (I made it the day before and I left all night with a clingfilm) Cremate the softened butter with the icing sugar. Incorporate eggs (at room temperature) and beat in a energetic way, to obtain a light and homogeneous emulsion.

Incorporate the sifted flour with the powder of almonds, the yeast and the anise in grains. Add apricots and the Pastis remaining Henri Bardouin. Mix him quite delicately by avoiding intensifying the device. (Not not too much move him) butter and flour the loaf pan.

Furnish the mold Melt some butter and dip one cup - dough inside. Plant this one in the cake so as to split him in the length. It will allow the cake to develop in a regular way and will avoid him cracking in diverse places. You can otherwise, to raise on the cake, in the middle, a net of softened butter.

To put in the oven thermostat 180 °C during 10 minutes may fall in 160°C during 20 at 30 minutes according to your oven and the thickness of the cake. Verify the cooking with a pike. Make sure that she stands out very dry.

Turn out at the exit of the oven. Make warm a little fair topping with 10 % of water. Coat the cake. It will allow it to keep longer. You can film it once cold and to put it in the freezer. You can also freeze it before cooking and cook the desired day.

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