Chicken in the garlic and in the Pastis Henri Bardouin

Chicken in the garlic and in the Pastis Henri Bardouin

For 6 people


Preparation: 15 minutes  
Cooking: 50 minutes 
• 1 free-range chicken of 1,5 kg
• cut in pieces of 3 beautiful heads of garlic 
• 15 cl of dry white wine 
• 5 cl of Pastis HB
• 3 soup spoons of olive oil 
• 1 bay leaf 
• 2 branches of thyme 
• Salt and pepper of the mill 


Remove the fine outside dandruff of the heads of garlic quickly by rubbing them in a cloth or an absorbing paper. Leave them whole, then cut horizontally the third superior. 
Wipe the pieces of chicken. Salt and pepper 2 sides. Get back them 5 in 10 minutes on fire way with the olive oil, in a hen, by turning them several times to color them uniformly. Remove them as one goes along and reserve them.
Put the heads of garlic in the hen, by putting them on the cut face and make them gild in their turn 3 or 4 minutes, always on moderate fire. 
Put back the pieces of chicken in the hen. Water them some Pastis HB, let warm and burn. Salt and pepper, add the thyme and the laurel, then pay the wine, cover and let simmer 45 at 50 minutes over low heat. Add a little water from time to time during cooking if the evaporation is too important.
Remove the thyme and the laurel. Decant the chicken in a very hot dish, coat him of its sauce or serve him directly in the hen of cooking.
Photo credit: Adobe Stock - vaaseenaa

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