Chicken liver mousse with currants

Chicken liver mousse with currants


•    300 g of chicken livers, nerves removed.
•    300 g of pork fat
•    Salt and pepper
•    8 whole eggs
•    250 g of single cream
•    Currants
•    ½ glass of RinQuinQuin


David Van Laer du Maxence's Amuse Bouche

Prepare the day before.
Mix the chicken livers and pork in a food processor. Add 8 eggs, 250 g of single cream and the Rinquinquin. Pass the mixture through a fine sieve. Pour it into a terrine dish. Scatter over the currants.
Cover with a sheet of tinfoil. Cook in a double boiler at oven Gas mark 6/200ºC for 30 mins.
Keep chilled. Serve very cold on toast with a lamb’s lettuce salad.

© photo : David Van Laer du Maxence.

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