Cocktail Rinquinquin Thym

Cocktail Rinquinquin Thym

 by Thomas Marguerite

Ingredients :

- 5 cl Gin XII

- 6 cl of Rinquinquin

- 1 sprig of thyme

- 2cl fresh lemon juice

- 3 cl white sugar syrup

- A few ice cubes



Pour the Gin XII and the Rinquinquin into a bowl and add the sprig of thyme. To extract all the essences from the thyme, crush the sprig in the bowl with the gin and the aperitif using a pestle. Then put this mixture and the lemon juice and white sugar syrup in a glass with ice cubes.

To be enjoyed chilled on the rocks!

Photo credit: Thomas Marguerite from the Bistrot de Pays L’auberge des Tilleuls – Heilles, France

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