Douceur d'Automne

Douceur d'Automne

By Thomas, Bar Manager Le Verre à Mélange, Marseille 

Ingredients : 

20 ml lime juice

10 ml syrup

20 ml Gin XII

30 ml Douce (or Belle-paire)

4 drops of homemade chocolate Bitter

Technique : shaker

Glass : old fashioned

Method :

-Fill half your glass with ice. Cool it with a spoon and set aside.

-In the shaker, put all the ingredients in the order set above.

-Close and shake.

-Take your old-fashioned glass again. Refresh the ice if necessary.

-Pour the cocktail in the glass.

-Garnish with a square of dark chocolate. 

Home made Bitter Chocolate

- 100 ml neutral alcohol (40° flavorless alcohol, vodka or fruit alcohol)

- 3 tsp 100% cacao powder 

- 2 turns of the pepper mill

Put every thing in a watertight jar.

Give a good shake every day for 15 days

Pass through a coffee filter.

To go faster, you can heat the watertight jar in a bain-marie, with all the ingredients inside, during 15 minutes. Keep on mixing every day, til you need it.

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