Elote Picante

Elote Picante

Very easy

By Thomas, Bar Manager Le Verre à Mélange, Marseille 

Ingredients : 

30 ml Lime juice

20 ml roasted corn syrup

2 pinches Tex mex spices

80 ml Cerveza

40 ml Vermouth de Forcalquier

Technique : Build drink

Glass : Tumbler

Method :

- Fill ¾ of the glass with ice.

- Chill it with the barspoon.

- Remove the excess water due to the melting of the ice.

- Pour all the ingredients in the glass.

- Mix with the barspoon and add a piece of lime.

Roasted corn syrup recipe

Drain a 250g can of corn.

Roast the corn in the oven completely golden.

Weigh double the weight of the corn in water.

In a pan, boil the water, the corn, a pinch of salt and spice (your choice) for 5 minutes.

Roughly mix every thing then filter.

Add 100g sugar. Stir until the total dissolution of the sugar.

Pour into a bottle and keep it in the fridge (can keep for 5 days in the fridge).

© Photo : Hélène, Le Verre à Mélange, Marseille 


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