Fantastik citrus fruits peaches ginger and Rinquinquin

Fantastik citrus fruits peaches ginger and Rinquinquin

Ingredients :

For 6 people

Material(Equipment) :

• 1 circle of 24 cm tart
• 1 drummer - mixer
• 1 plunging mixer
• 1 spatula

1 / Crème smooth fish for ginger (to prepare the day before) :

• 170 g of compote of peaches
• 4 g of gelatin ( 2 sheets)
• 40 g of fresh ginger
• 4 eggs
• 140 g of butter

2/ Pâte sanded : 

• 90 g of soft butter
• 70 g of icing sugar
• 1 g of flower of salt
• 160 g of flour
• 1 egg yolk
• water: sufficient amount

3/ Biscuit lemon : 

• 2 eggs
• 160 g of icing sugar
• The lemon peel yellow
• 80 g of double cream
• 40 g of olive oil
• 120 g of flour T55
• 2 g of baking powder
• 5cl of RinQuinQuin

4/ Compotée of Orange : 

• 2 oranges
• 2 soup spoons of marmalade of oranges

Preparation : 

Preparation: 50 minutes
Cooking: the 1 hour
Rest: 9 hours

1/ Prepare the smooth cream the day before: 

Cut gelatin sheets in small pieces and soak them in a little water, book.

Peel the ginger and cut into slices him into slices.

Warm over low heat the compote of peach with the fresh ginger until boiling in a pan. Let infuse under cover during 5 minutes. 

Remove the ginger, mix beaten whole eggs and redo to cook over low heat until boiling.

Remove the water of the gelatin and add it to the preparation off the heat.

Let cool the mixture until 40°C, then incorporate the softened butter by mixing by means of a plunging mixer.

Let cool, film in the contact, then place in the refrigerator during a night.

2/Sugar crust pastry : 

Sieve the flour and the icing sugar, place in a salad bowl, add the egg yolk Mix Them with the softened butter and the flower of salt.

Add a little water.

Work the dough delicately "by sanding" her with the fingertips, form a ball, film and book for the refrigerator during 15 minutes.

Butter a circle of 24 cm tart, put down it on a pastry baking tray lined of parchment paper.

Spread the dough in the hand by putting her in the center of the circle and by lowering her delicately included edges.

(Th 6) during 8 minutes cook in the oven preheated in 180°C.

3/Lemon Biscuit :

Make clear eggs with the icing sugar and the lemon peels in a drummer - mixer provided with a whip until the mixture doubles in volume.

Then add the heavy cream, the flour with the yeast and the olive oil.

Take out the sugar crust pastry of the oven, add the preparation of the lemon biscuit by spreading it with a spatula and cook during 15 minutes in 170°C until obtain a fair tint.

Take out of the oven the sablée/biscuit lemon dough and let warm, then add RinQuinQuin by distributing it in a homogeneous way.

4/Compote of oranges :

Raise the supreme (remove the membranes of the slices of oranges).

Cut them in two and mix them in the marmalade, reserve.

Decoration : 

Some sheets of edible flower (https: // to / … / fleurs-comestibles-jardin, 2725.html)

Some cubes of stem gingers

Training : 

Place the smooth cream in a pocket provided of cartridge ( n°10 ) and raise it in training points on the biscuit.

Add the supreme of oranges, some petals of edible flowers and the cubes of stem gingers.

Source of inspiration :

Freely adapted recipe and outcome of the book "Michalak Masterbook" published in the Publishing Alain Ducasse.

© Photo : Bambule Media

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