Farigoule Sorbet

Farigoule Sorbet


•    37 cl of white wine
•    50 cl of water
•    350 g of sugar
•    1 large bunch of thyme
•    10 cl of FARIGOULE de Forcalquier
•    4 egg whites


Boil the wine and water with the sugar for 5 mins., add the thyme,
cover, stop cooking and allow to infuse 12 hours in the refrigerator.
Remove the thyme, add egg whites and the FARIGOULE de Forcalquier.
Mix for a few seconds and pass through the strainer.
Place in a sorbet maker.
At time of serving in a cup, add a few drops of FARIGOULE de Forcalquier.

© photo : Adobe Stock - Piotr Rzeszutek

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