Fennel compote with anise

Fennel compote with anise


Serves 6

•    3 fennel bulbs
•    3 white onions
•    20 cl of olive oil
•    1 pinch of anise
•    1 teaspoons of HB Pastis
•    1 tablespoon of water
•    Salt and pepper



Peel and finely chop the fennel and onions.
Heat the oil in a casserole and gently fry the onions until transparent, then add the chopped fennel, the water and HB Pastis, a pinch of salt and three turns of the pepper grinder. Mix well, cover and cook for 20 minutes, letting the steam turn the mixture into a compote.
Serve hot.

© photo : La Dînette de Didi / ladinettededidi.canalblog.com

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