Fillet of line-caught sea bass with fennel

Fillet of line-caught sea bass with fennel


Serves 6

•    1 line-caught sea bass weighing 3 kg
•    600 g of Amandine potatoes (or another firm-fleshed, waxy potato such as Charlotte)
•    3 g of saffron
•    15 g of butter
•    25 ml of lemon juice
•    0.075 ml of water
•    salt
•    pepper
•    0.05 g fennel seeds
•    0.01 ml of Pastis Bardouin


from the Le Rech restaurant

Wash the fish, remove the bones and divide into 6 portions.
Keep chilled.
Peel and form the potatoes into nut-size pieces and cook in the water and saffron.
Cook the fennel seeds in the water and lemon juice, whisk in the butter and then pass through a sieve.
Brown the fish and finish in the oven.
Just before serving, add the pastis into the sauce and pour over the fish.

© photo : Adobe Stock - FOOD-Micro

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