Floating Island RinQuinQuin freely inspired by the recipe of Christophe Michalak

Floating Island RinQuinQuin freely inspired by the recipe of Christophe Michalak

For 6 persons


English cream

Whole liquid cream: 100 ml

Whole milk: 400 ml

Bourbon bourbon vanilla pod: 1

Egg yolk: 3 (60 g total)

Semolina sugar: 80 gr

Maizena: 3 g

2 tablespoons of RinQuinQuin


Egg whites: 5 total (150 g)

Semolina sugar: 90 g


English cream

Infuse the vanilla split water less 20 minutes in the mixture milk + cold cream.

Bring the milk and cream to simmer over medium heat and during this time whisk the egg yolks with the caster sugar.

When the milk comes to a simmer, pour it on the yellow-sugar mixture twice. Whisk well to make the mixture homogeneous.

Pour the mixture into the saucepan with the pod and bring to 85 ° C over medium heat, mixing with a spatula. Stop cooking when the cream "tablecloth" or use a confectioner's thermometer.

Pour into a bowl, add the RinQuinQuin and film.

Reserve three hours in the refrigerator.

The meringue

With the 3 yolks used for custard, you should get about 90 g of whites. (1 white = 30g). Add two eggs, you need 150 g of whites in total. Separate the whites from the yellows to get the rest.

Preheat your oven to 160 ° C rotating heat.

In the bowl of your batter, beat the whites by increasing the speed and adding the sugar gradually.

Beat the whites and semolina together until you have a firm texture (bird's beak).

Poach small balls to the socket of 15 on a silpat

Bake for 10 minutes at 130 degrees in a ventilated oven


Pour the custard into cups or verrines.

Put the meringue in each verrine.

Break pieces of caramel pieces and arrange one on each dish.

Enjoy without further delay.

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