Forcal Tonic @ L'Estafête

Forcal Tonic @ L'Estafête


45 ml of Vermouth de Forcalquier

15 ml of Orange colombo

15 ml of Farigoule

20 to 30 ml of Bau


Fill a large glass (tall wine glass or highball) with icicles and leave it aside

In a mixing glass put all the ingredients.

Fill with two-thirds of ice cubes and mix with a spoon.

Remove the water from the glass using a strainer and pour the contents of the mixing glass into the cocktail glass using a (julep) strainer.

Finish filling the cocktail with 2 or 3 cl of white bau and garnish with a branch of thyme that can be flamed with a lighter to bring an additional smell.

© photo : Adobe Stock - maxandrew

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