Glazed Terrine with Three Melons with Pastis

Glazed Terrine with Three Melons with Pastis


Serves 6

•    1 green melon
•    1 yellow melon
•    1 Cavaillon melon
•    1 pinch of salt
•    1 large pinch of pepper
•    12 finely cut mint leaves
•    6 sheets of gelatin
•    10 cl of water
•    5 cl of HB pastis



Place gelatin sheets to soak in cold water. Cut the melons in two, empty their centers and remove the seeds. Cut into thin slices. Keep them in a colander with a plate underneath to collect the juice with half of the finely cut mint leaves.
Collect the rest of the pulp, place it in the mixer bowl with 15 cl of melon juice, the HB Pastis, the pepper and the salt. Mix for one minute. Heat the 10 cl of water and melt the gelatin. Add this liquid to the mixer bowl and mix 30 seconds longer. Let the jelly rest for 15 mins.
Place it in a cake pan or a terrine under cold water. Place a little jelly in the bottom (1.5 cm). Place in freezer for 10 mins. for it to set. Place some mint leaves on the bottom. Add melon slices by color and mint. Pour the rest of the jelly into the pan.
Place in the refrigerator and let set at least 2 hrs. in order to remove it from the pan more easily, place the pan in hot water for a few seconds.
Sever very cold slices of melon terrine with country ham.

© photo : Adobe Stock - joanna wnuk

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