Grilled sea bass flambeed with HB pastis

Grilled sea bass flambeed with HB pastis


•    1.5 kg of sea bass, unscaled
•    2 fennel bulbs
•    2 lemons
•    1 head of garlic
•    4 tablespoons of olive oil
•    40 g of butter
•    2 tablespoons of HENRI BARDOUIN Pastis
•    1 tablespoon of fennel seeds
•    salt, pepper.


Preparation: 30 mins.
Cooking time: 40 mins.

Cut and peel fennel to the bulbs, wash and dry them, slice bulbs into thin slices.
With a very sharp knife, cut ends of garlic head without removing the cloves and cut into uniform round slices.
Melt butter in a casserole, throw in fennel slices and round slices of garlic, brown them, add salt and pepper, and moisten with lemon juice and 10 cl of water.
Cover ¾ of casserole and cook on low heat, keeping the fennel slice crisp.
Prepare a barbecue and preheat the stove grill.
Do not scale the sea bass, add salt and pepper to inside of the fish and add fennel seeds.
Score the skin at regular intervals. Brush the skin with olive oil. Place the sea bass on an oiled grill 6 inches from the coals.
Grill for 10 mins. on each side, brushing often with olive oil.
Place the sea bass on a hot plate and sprinkle with warmed PASTIS HENRI BARDOUIN. Flambe.
Place fennel slices and lemon quarters around the sea bass, serve immediately.

Tips: the sea bass can be served with fennel butter: cream 60 g of soft butter, ½ teaspoon of ground fennel seeds, salt and pepper.

© photo : Adobe Stock - FOOD-Micro

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