Illusion caviar asparagus with Pastis Henri Bardouin by Jeremy Galvan

Illusion caviar asparagus with Pastis Henri Bardouin by Jeremy Galvan

For 4 people


1 bunch of green Asparagus

40 grams of herring eggs

2 g Gelatin

2 slices of sandwich bread

20 cl of liquid cream

1 teaspoon of Pastis Henri Bardouin 


Olive oil

Salt pepper

4 boxes of caviar (to order on the site


Cut the asparagus tips to 3 cm long, then keep them cool. Mince the rest of the asparagus. Immerse them in boiling salted water for 8 minutes then in a cold water tank for 1 minute. This helps to keep a beautiful green color. Drain them. Repeat this operation with the tips, but this time for a cooking time of only 3 minutes. Book them cool.

Mix the sliced ​​asparagus tails to obtain a fine puree and pass through the fine sieve.

Plunge the gelatin in cold water, we will use it later. Add the cream to the mixer so that the texture is not too firm. Reserve in the refrigerator. Warm the asparagus puree over the heat. Out of the heat, mix in the softened gelatin leaf. Whisk the whipped cream and Pastis Henri Bardouin gently with a Maryse, mix with puree / gelatin and mold directly into your empty caviar cans at 4/5. Reserve cool.

Pass slices of bread to the toaster, then cut to the size of a wet pot. Butter them once cooled.


In the caviar box, spread a layer of herring eggs to the edge to hide the puree for a perfect illusion of a full caviar box. Place the toastinette on the edge of the mold. Finally, add the asparagus tips previously seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.

 photo: © The Good Deals of Lamalice -

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