Julienne with Pastis HB, shrimps, onions and Paris mushrooms

Julienne with Pastis HB, shrimps, onions and Paris mushrooms


• 1 kg of Julienne

• 200 g peeled Shrimps

• 200 g new Onions

• 1 spoon of Pure Pastis Henri Bardouin

• 1/2 Lemon juice

• 60 g Butter

• 10 cl Crème fraiche

• immediate Court-bouillon

• 250 g Cultivated mushrooms

• 1 Small boot of chive

• 50 g Flour

• 2 Egg yolk

• Pepper


To peel the fish and to cut it in medallion (or to make it do by the fishmonger). Wash mushrooms, cut the earthy end, cut feet and hats in fine small strip. Peel onions. Make warm 30 g of butter in the frying pan and it put the pieces of fish to return on all their faces, without coloring. Drain them and replace them onions and mushrooms. Blow up them during 10 minutes, and reserve them. Prepare the court-bouillon in a hen, put it the pieces of fish. Bring to a boil, then let shiver during 14 minutes. Drain the fish. Filter the court-bouillon, and reserve half. Melt 30 g of butter in a pan. Add the flour all at once(of a sudden), move deeply with a wooden spoon to make a red-haired person. Let cook one minute then, without stopping moving, paying little by little the court-bouillon. Let the sauce thicken over a low heat so that it coats the spoon, to add the Pastis HB, to pepper, and well to mix. In a bowl, to beat has the fork egg yolk, cream and lemon juice. Pay the mixture into the pan of sauce, whip to bind, without letting boil. Add the fish, the mushrooms, the onions, and the décortiquees shrimps, let warm 5 minutes, sprinkle with chiselled chive, then serve without waiting.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock - asab974

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