June in Provence

June in Provence


By Andrea Allasia, Head bartender at the Fairmont Montecarlo, Monaco

Winner of the mixology contest by Distilleries et Domaines de Provence – June 4th, 2024

Ingredients :

30 ml Rinquinquin

30 ml Gin XII with Persi Pien

20 ml Homemade cordial with Geographically certified Lemon from Menton 

40 ml Homemade Provence infusion

Drops of saline solution

Lavender spray

Glass : Homemade trompe l’œil peach glass in food-grade silicone, bee wax and painted by hand

Method : 

Mix all the ingredients in the cup of a shaker and do some throwings. 

Inject the cocktail in the homemade peach glass.

Cocktail’s history :

The idea for this cocktail took its source in my past and tried to look ahead in the future.

It is the story of a peach originally from the Piedmont and travelling through Provence…

The memory of an ancestral dessert like the PÈRSI PIÈN, typical of my birthplace, the Piedmont, and vacuumed cooked with Gin XII.

The peach travelled over the mountains and arrived in Menton, land of the famous LEMON of Menton. The cordial was made by vacuum cooking the lemon and extracting its essential oil and juice to obtain a sweet and sour mix.

The peach continued its trip toward the south-west of Provence and arrived in Grasse.

There, it met the verbena, which is also used in cosmetics. The perfect combination with the peach. An infusion 50/50 verbena and peach, using the fruit and the leaves following the same principle than for the RINQUINQUIN.

A few drops of saline solution to balance the cocktail, but also as a tribute to the Mediterranean Sea that border this beautiful region.

The peach finishes its journey on the Valensole plateau : The cocktail is served in a basket sprayed with lavender, hence undeniably linking the cocktail to Provence.

©Recipe : Andrea Allasia, @lupo_at_the_bar

©Photo :  Julie Girardet, @lyk.studio

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