Leg of venison with parsley roots and Gentiane de Lure

Leg of venison with parsley roots and Gentiane de Lure


Ingredients for 4 people

For the leg of venison:
•    1 trimmed venison leg weighing 500 g
•    100 g of mirepoix,
•    onion
•    carrot
•    leek
•    celery
•    105 dl of white wine
•    0.5 dl of red vermouth
•    water
•    0.2 dl of Gentiane de Lure
•    1 bay leaf
•    1 tablespoon of white wine
•    2 cloves
•    6 pepper corns
•    30 gof butter
•    0.2 dl of oil
•    salt

For the garnish:
•    4 sprigs of parsley

Ingredients for the fried beetroot:
•    1 small raw beetroot, peeled, oil for deep frying

Ingredients for the parsley root slices and purée
•    1 parsley root (300 g) peeled
•    20 gof butter
•    1 dl of cream
•    water
•    salt
•    sugar

Ingredients for the cranberries:
•    100 g of fresh wild cranberries
•    25 g of sugar
•    20 gof butter
•    salt
•    1 tablespoon of water.


Preparing the veal:
Place the venison trimmings and leg in a bowl.
Cover with all the other ingredients except the butter, oil and salt. Leave to marinate for two hours. Remove the venison cushion: Set is aside on a piece of kitchen roll.

Prepare the sauce:
Cook the marinade and the vegetables with a little water on a low heat for 30 minutes. Sieve the liquid, taking care to press hard on the vegetables to extract the cooking liquid. Reduce this until only 0.5 dl of liquid remains. Add the cream and a few grinds of black pepper. Whip well. Adjust the salt, as required.

Prepare the fried beetroot:
Cut the beetroot into 1 mmjuliennes using the mandolin. Heat the oil to 170°C and immerse the beetroot for approx 90 seconds until crisp. Drain the rest and mix with 1 dl of cream to obtain a really fine puree. Keep warm.

Prepare the cranberries:
Cook the cranberries with the water, salt, sugar and butter for 2 minutes over a low heat. Set aside

Cook the venison cushion:
Season with salt and pepper. Brown for 5 minutes in oil in a preheated pan. Discard the oil and replace it with the 30 g of butter. Continue to cook in the oven at 230°C for a further 7 to 8 mins, basting it with the butter. Remove the venison and leave to rest for 10 minutes on a rack on a portable stove set to 50°C.

Finishing the dish:
Reheat the different elements of the garnish and check the seasoning.

On a warm plate, place a row of 4 slices of parsley root, add a spoonful of puree and 3 slices of venison. Top with the fried beetroot and a sprig of parsley. Scatter a few cranberries on top. Pour a little sauce around the dish and serve the rest of the sauce separately.

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