Marinated anchovies with peppers and muscat wine

Marinated anchovies with peppers and muscat wine


Serves 4

•    10 cl of muscat wine: Bau "Frizzant de Muscat"
•    10 cl of olive oil
•    500 g of anchovies
•    500 g of rocket
•    4 sushi seaweed sheets
•    2 red peppers
•    1 lemon
•    a few sprigs of chives



preparation: 2 hours

Grill the peppers on all sides then wrap in tinfoil and a clean tea towel.
Remove the bones from the anchovies and lay the fillets in a dish; marinade them in a mix of salt, olive oil, chives and lemon juice. Place in the fridge.
While they are chilling, run the peppers under water to remove the skin. Slice the flesh into strips the same width and length as the anchovy fillets.
Brush the seaweed sheets with the muscat wine to rehydrate them. Make regular rolls, alternating the anchovies and peppers.
To assemble the dish, cut the rolls into three. Lay them on a plate with a handful of rocket and serve with the marinade.
Mix with the rest of the muscat wine to make a vinaigrette.


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