Marshmallows in RinQuinQuin and coconut

Marshmallows in RinQuinQuin and coconut


For 30 marshmallows

• 250 gr of sugar
• 100 gr of syrup of glucose
• 50 gr of worn coconut + 20 gr
• 3 egg whites
• 8 gelatin sheets + 90 gr of water to rehydrate
• 5 soup spoons of RinQuinQuin
• Some drops of lemon juice
• 200 gr of cooking chocolate Bonnat


• 1 confectioner's thermometer
• 1 drummer
• 2 frames in stainless steel
• 2 pans
• Parchment paper
• 1 pocket


The day before :

1. Cut gelatin sheets in small pieces and rehydrate them with some water during at least 30 minutes.
2. Put down 50 gr of coconut grated on a sulphurized sheet and roast in 160 ° C during 10 minutes, reserve.
3. Dilute the sugar in the water and warm.
4. After boiling, add the syrup of glucose.
5. In a parallel to(at the same time as) the cooking of the syrup of sugar, beat white until stiff
6. Add some drops of lemon juice when the temperature of the syrup of sugar achieves 120°C.
7. In 130°C pay the syrup on the gone up whites, add the gelatinBeforehand rehydrated and drained.
8. Let fall again the temperature in 55°C, add the coconut and the RinQuinQuin.
9. When the temperature achieves 45°C, to raise marshmallows to the pocket in 1 big frame or 2 oiled middle managers put on some paper. Sulphurized (it is also possible to use molds in silicones if you do not arrange a frame). Cover the frames of a clingfilm, reserve.
10. Let rest at room temperature during a night.

The next day :

1. Remove frames (or turn out marshmallows), the clingfilm and the sulphurized paper sheet and detail with an oiled knife.
2. Melt the chocolate in the bain-marie in a bottom of hen.
3. Moderate the dark chocolate by following the following temperature chart: 48°C - 28°C and finally 30°C (to know more about the tempérage and the tablage of the chocolate, to follow the advice of the Blogger Mercotte here:…/take off/pdf/temperage%20du%20chocol …)
4. Dip marshmallows with a fork and put down them on some parchment paper so that the chocolate crystallizes.
5. Put down marshmallows in the worn coconut, make them run, book and have a rough time!

© Photo : Bambule Media

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