Melon Slush with Luberon Asparagus

Melon Slush with Luberon Asparagus


For 4 people

•    800 g of green asparagus
•    500 g melon
•    Lemon juice
•    50 g of salt
•    0.5 cl of HB pastis



Preparation: 15 mins.
Cooking time: approximately 6 mins

Cook for 5 to 6 mins. in 1 liter of salted boiling water with peeled asparagus. Cut the melon and remove the seeds. Squeeze them in a sieve. Keep juice in a mixer bowl.
Make small balls with the melon. Add the rest of the flesh to the mixer and make into slush with lemon juice and HB pastis.
Serve asparagus and melon balls on bed of melon and slush.

© photo : Adobe Stock - ExQuisine

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