Monkfish Petals with HB cream of pastis

Monkfish Petals with HB cream of pastis


For 4 people

•    500 g of monkfish tail
•    50 cl of liquid crème fraîche
•    1 tablespoon of dehydrated veal stock
•    5 cl of HB pastis
•    1 small dose of saffron
For the bouillon:
•    1 carrot
•    1 onion
•    1 garlic clove
•    1 tomato
•    1 bunch of herbs (bouquet garni)
•    1 branch of fennel
•    ½ lemon
•    1 liter of water
•    5 cl of HB pastis



Recipe by F. Grisolle, "Bello Visto" Restaurant in Lurs.

Bring all of the bouillon ingredients to a boil for 30 mins. then poach the monkfish for 10 mins. Then remove the fillets and cut them into rounds approximately 5 mm thick. Place them in a circle in the center of a large plate. To enrich the dish, you may also add braised gourmet peas. Keep warm.
For the sauce, heat the cream with the veal stock powder mixed with a whisk. Reduce until thickened. Add 5 cl of HB pastis. Season with the small dose of saffron and some salt and pepper.
Place sauce on the fish and serve immediately.

© photo : Bello Visto

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