Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc


20 ml Christian Drouin La Blanche Eau de Vie de Cidre

20 ml Rinquinquin Peach Aperitif

20 ml Vodka

20 ml Lime

18 ml Green Apple Cordial*

10 ml Vegan Eggwhite


Straight into the glass

*green apple cordial:

Finely chop 1,5 kg of granny smith apples and vaccum them with 1 kg of white sugar, 20 g of ascorbic acid, 5 grams of malic acid and 2 grams of salt. Leave it for 24 hours until the sugar has dissolved. You might need you heat if a little bit (We leave the plastic bag inside the dishwasher washing glasses - obviously don't leave it inside while washing, duh).

©Recipe & Pic : ©Vito Nicotra, Bartender @bar.vito - Berlin

except for the Cordial which was stolen from @cocktailman who stole it from @damiengchrd who probably stole it somewhere else - sharing is caring

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