Passport to Pimlico - @warren_barclarendon (Londres)

Passport to Pimlico - @warren_barclarendon (Londres)

[London Cocktail Week] - a clarified milk punch - 

Ingrédients :

25 ml Tanqueray Ten Gin

25 ml Strawberry aperitif 

15 ml Rooibos tea

5 ml Noix de la Saint Jean

15 ml Lime

Oleo Saccharum

4 parts of the above ingredient to 1 part of Almond milk

Préparation :

Pour 60ml of the punch premix into a Dante glass (or old fashioned) add 20ml Grapefruit & Mint CBD. Ice the glass, give a good stirred to homogenise the drink. Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit.

Crédit photo : @warren_barclarendon

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