Pavlova with strawberry, combava and Rinquinquin

Pavlova with strawberry, combava and Rinquinquin

For 8 people



4 egg whites,

100 gr of caster sugar,

100 gr of icing sugar,

1 teaspoon of Combava Citrus hystrix powder (Madagascar)

or a lime juice


33 cl of 35% MF cream

15 gr of sugar

Strawberry coulis (to buy any ready)

70 gr of Philadelphia or mascarpone

4 tablespoons RinQuinQuin


Whisk the egg whites by adding the caster sugar 3 times, whisking constantly to meringue the whites. Stop the whip when the meringue is firm, white and pearly, then gently mix the Combaya powder and icing sugar with a spatula.

Garnish a piping bag and a 20 to 22 cm circle on a silpat or parchment paper. Poach some small meringues for the decor.

Bake 25 minutes at 150 ° C

The meringue must remain soft inside.

Prepare the whipped cream: pour the cream very cold and into the bowl of the mixer. Ride for a few minutes, gradually adding the sugar. When the cream is mounted, add a little strawberry coulis to color the mass and RinQuinQuin mix with the spatula.




Strawberries and small meringues

Decor :

Small meringues

Slices of strawberries

Mint leaves

Recipe inspired by Christophe Michalak
© photo : Bambule Medias

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