Pears poached with RinQuinQuin

Pears poached with RinQuinQuin

For 6 persons


6 pears of Fise or Beurré Bosc (autumn) ripe

1 liter of water

25 cl of RinQuinQuin

60 gr of lemon honey from Sicily

150 gr of sugar

The juice of 2 lemons

4 strips of ginger peeled

3 cinnamon sticks

2 split vanilla pods

6 cloves

10 grains of black pepper from Kerala

Juice and zest of an orange cut finely

Decor: 6 badianes


Peel and hollow out the pears with a thrift.

Wet the 6 pears with the juice of the two lemons, reserve the juice. Make the syrup by incorporating all the ingredients into a saucepan: juice of lemons and orange, zest, two split vanilla pods, honey, then sugar, spices, water and RinQuinQuin. Ensure the gradual rise of the temperature for the release of aromas.

When the syrup is hot, dip the pears in the hot syrup, cook for 15 minutes on reduced heat. Check the cooking of the pears: if they are not tender enough, let them soak until the syrup has cooled down.

Put a little syrup in a verrine and gently put the pears.

Decorate with star anise and vanilla pods

Serve cold or warm.

© photo : Bambule Medias

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