Pears Roasted in Banyuls with Orange Preserves

Pears Roasted in Banyuls with Orange Preserves


For 4 people

•    2 pears
•    2 blood oranges
•    20 cl of Banyuls
•    5 cl of Marc des Cordeliers
•    Fresh mint leaves
•    2 tablespoons of red sugar



Preparation: 20 mins.
Cooking Time: 20 mins.

Cut the pears into 2 without peeling them, then remove the core.
Make a seat, in other words, cut the base of the pear and roast them in the butter until they are very tender.
Deglaze with the Marc des Cordelier, sugar and whole pepper.
Cut the oranges into slices, sprinkle them with red sugar and marinate them 15 mins., cook in Banyuls for 10 mins.

Arrange it all on a plate with an egg-shaped scoop of ice cream.
Decorate with mint leaves.

© photo : Adobe Stock - Monkey Business

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