Pesca bianca with Rinquinquin

Pesca bianca with Rinquinquin

For 1 person


1 flat white peach

1 syrup: water, sugar, peach skins, Rinquinquin liqueur, basil

Vanilla ice cream (homemade if possible)

Salted crumble: flour, butter, parmesan, fleur de sel

Icy mint leaf



Peel peaches and set aside.

Prepare a water and sugar syrup and add the peach skins, and a few spoons of Rinquiquin, as well as some fresh basil.

In a dish place peaches and top with syrup. All at 180 ° C in the oven. 

Once the peaches are melting, add a few drops of Rinquinquin, arrange a peach on a plate with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream, a chiffonade of chilly mint leaves and the crumble biscuit.


Photo credit: Adobe Stock - asab974

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