Pogne and figs flambé in the farigoule by the blog La Raffinerie culinaire

Pogne and figs flambé in the farigoule by the blog La Raffinerie culinaire


For 2 people

• 4 thick slices of stale pogne (without brioche)
• 5 cl of crème fraiche
• 10 cl of milk
• 1 yolk of egg
• 35 g of sugar powder
• 40 g Butter (clarified if possible)
• Ice Sugar

For flambé figs:
• 5/6 beautiful black figs
• 1 small farigoule shooter glass
• 1 small hazelnut butter (just 5 g)
• 1 tablespoon of honey

For the whipped cream:
• 15 cl of fleurette cream
• 20 g of honey


Prepare the lost appliance: Whisk the egg and yolk, then add the sugar. The mixture should be bleached, take 2/3 minutes to “whisking” (a little less if you use a robot). Pour in the cream and milk and mix well. For now, leave aside.

Mounting the cream into whipped cream with a whisk, then as soon as the whisk begins to leave traces in the cream, add the honey and whisk well. If you want to have a slightly firmer whipped cream texture, add 20 g of cream mascarpone when you start whipping.

Wash the figs, dry them well and cut them in 2 or 4, a little of both to have different sizes of pieces.

Heat the butter over low heat in a skillet, large enough, so that you can put all the pieces of the pogne. While the frying pan heats, soak all the pieces of pogne in the milk mixture. The pieces must be well soaked! Once ready, place the pieces of pogne in the skillet and brown on each side (about 5 minutes on each side). Leave the heat on low, the pieces of jaw will color on their own!

As you flip your pieces, heat a small skillet with a hazelnut of butter. Add your figs and a tablespoon of honey (not too much honey, just enough to sweeten and caramelize the little figs), after 1 minutes, add the farigoule and make it burn.

Reduce a little if you have too much «juice», but not too much, the figs cook very quickly, in 4 minutes the story must be closed!

There, logically, the pieces of the knuckle must be well colored, and the figs scented to wish! Eventually remove excess fat from your lost knuckle by quickly placing the pieces on paper towels.

Dress :

Put everything on the plate; a piece of pogne, sprinkled with icing sugar, some figs flambé, and a large tablespoon of whipped cream over it!


© photo : La Raffinerie culinaire

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