Provence Crusta

Provence Crusta


By Thomas, Bar Manager Le Verre à Mélange, Marseille 

Ingredients : 

20 ml simple syrup

15 ml lemon juice

15 ml orange juice

50 ml Douce/ Belle Paire

30 ml Orange Colombo

Technique : shaker

Glass : Champagne coupe 

Method :

-Make a sugar rim by rubbing the rim of your glass with some lemon, and then by sprinkling some granulated sugar over.

-Cool your glass (put some ice in your glass).

-Combine all the ingredients in the shaker and add ice.

-Shake well.

-Empty your glass of the ice. It should now be cool.

-Pour the content of the shaker in the glass. 

©Photo : Hélène, Le Verre à Mélange

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