Red mullet on its bed of tomatoes in the Pastis Henri Bardouin

Red mullet on its bed of tomatoes in the Pastis Henri Bardouin

For 2 people


• 6-8 red mullet filets water spaniel
• 2 very ripe medium-sized(of medium height) tomatoes
• 1 new onion (the white only)
• 3 soup spoons of Pastis Henri Bardouin
• A small branch of tarragon 
• Salt
• Olive oil


Chop the onion (slices or small strips also do). Peel tomatoes having scalded them very briefly, then having cut them in small dice. Make warm some olive oil in a pan, get back there onions, then, once very brilliant, add it the dice of tomatoes as well as the branch of tarragon. Well seize the preparation.  At the end of one minute pay the pastis Henri Bardouin there. Continue to seize well, on big fire, this preparation, until the pastis evaporates. Salt. Lower the fire and let simmer quite over a low heat during approximately a quarter of an hour. Remove the branch of tarragon at the end from the cooking.
In a frying pan, get back very quickly (1 minute on each side) red mullet filets, with the minimum of fat possible.
Serve tomatoes in a plate. Put nets above. Serve at once. Accompany this dish of rice and green salad, and/or a good bread and a very fresh cheese (goat, ewe).
Photo credit: Adobe Stock - arthaudphil

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