Rose de mai @ Axel Brault

Rose de mai @ Axel Brault

Ingredients : 

30 ml Henri Bardouin

10 ml Roses Syrup

15 ml Amandine Liqueur

20 ml Yellow lemon juice

White of egg

4 drops Natural exctract of roses centifolia Quo Sentis

Preparation : 

In a shaker, put the white of egg, the lemon juice,, the roses syrup, the Amandine Liqueur, the Pastis Henre Bardouin and the extract.

After that do a dry shake : shake a first time all the ingredients of the cocktail, without ice.  That will break the egg white proteins and emulsify the cocktail. There are  25-30 seconds ice-free shake.

To cool the cocktail ; shake a second time with ice. We will then get a cocktail diluted just as it should with a pretty mousse that will come to crown it.

Finally, put the cocktail in a cocktail glass with a fine strainer to break the large bubbles and get a nice thick and creamy foam.

Created by Axel Brault, Hotel & Spa of the Castellet

Photo credit : Axel Brault

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