Sétoise-style bourride of fish

Sétoise-style bourride of fish


Serves 4

•    20 cl of good quality olive oil
•    3 kg of rockfish (monkfish, John Dory or sea bream)
•    2 bulbs of fennel
•    2 white onions
•    2 shallots
•    ½ garlic bulb (unpeeled)
•    1 leek
•    4 stalks of celery
•    ¼ liter white wine
•    water
•    Parsley stalks
•    salt, pepper
•    Pastis Bardouin
•    250 ml cream

For the aïoli (garlic mayonnaise):
•    500 g potatoes
•    250 ml olive oil
•    2 garlic gloves (Lautrec pink garlic if possible)
•    1 egg yolk



From the Le Rech restaurant

Wash the fish, remove the bones and divide into portions.
Set aside to chill and keep the bones.
Sweat the fish bones in a large quantity of oil until there is no cooking liquid left.
Discard onto a plate
Sweat the garnish without allowing it to color
Deglaze with white wine
Cover with water
Cook for 20 minutes
Leave to rest
Pass through a fine sieve
Make an aïoli
Cook the fish in the creamy fish stock, recover the juice and blend it with the aïoli

© photo : Adobe Stock - illustrez-vous

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