Breton shortbread,lemon cream,Italian meringue wt timothy pepper,verbena sorbet

Breton shortbread,lemon cream,Italian meringue wt timothy pepper,verbena sorbet


For 4 people
Cooking time: 2 hours 15 min
Preparation time: 30 min
Total time: 2h 45 min

Sandblasted pate:
• 160g Flour
• 72 g Almond powder
• 72 g Ice sugar
• 24g Sweet Butter
• 40 g Egg Yellow

Lemon pastry cream:
• 1l Lemon juice
• 180g Sweet Butter
• 60 g Flour
• 200g Semolina sugar
• 80g Egg Yellow

French meringues:
• 100g Egg White
• 50g Semolina sugar
• 25g Ice sugar
• Timut pepper

Italian meringue:
• 100 g egg white
• 200 g semolina sugar
• 60 of water

Sorbet verbena pastis Henri BARDOUIN:
• 300g Water
• 20g Glucose
• 25g semolina sugar
• 1 pack Fresh verbena
• 20 cl Henri Bardouin pastis

Cream of mascarpone:
• 100g Liquid cream
• 100g mascarpone
• 25g Ice sugar


For the sanded pate:
Mix the butter so that it becomes ointment, add flour, almond powder, icing sugar and to finish the egg yolk. Spread the patty in a circle n°100, thickness 5 mm, then cook 12 min at 160°.

For lemon pastry cream:
Blanch the egg yolks with the semolina sugar and flour. Heat the butter and lemon juice in a saucepan; Once warm, pour it over the egg flour mixture and recook over the heat, boil the cream with the lemon 1 min and dispose. Pocket.
Beat the egg whites in the sparkling stage, add the semolina sugar until the bird beaks, then add the icing sugar and Timut pepper to the Maryse, poach with a small drop-shaped socket pocket. Cook at 60° for 2 hours.

For the Italian meringue:
Put the water in a saucepan with the semolina sugar and the egg whites in the mixer bowl, heat the water and sugar to 121°, then pour over the sparkling white, turn in the mixer for 30 min.
Beat the liquid cream with the mascarpone and icing sugar until you get a whipped cream.

For the sorbet:
Put the water to boil with the verbena the glucose and sugar, let infuse for 15 min and switch to Chinese etamine, add the pastis Henri Bardouin and put in a roaster.

Keep the circle on the Breton shortbread, poach the Italian meringue and torch it then put the yellow lemon cream and whipped whipped mascarpone on the meringues and grate the zest of a green lemon! Finish with a quenelle of vervain sorbet with pastis Henri Bradouin.

© photo : Julia Sedefdjian

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