Saint Jacques poêlées and butter of Pastis Henri Bardouin

Saint Jacques poêlées and butter of Pastis Henri Bardouin

For 4 people


Preparation: 20 minutes - cooking: 3 or 4 minutes 
• 12 in 16 saint's walnuts - jacques (according to the size) 
• 1 soup spoon of sunflower oil 
• 1 soup spoon of chiselled dill 
• Salt and pepper of the mill 
For the butter of pastis: 
• 1 soup spoon of crème fraiche 
• 2 coffee spoons of pastis Henri Bardouin
• 160 g of butter 
• Salt and pepper of the mill


Clean scallops: rinse them in the fresh water, then mop them in some absorbing paper. Put them on a plate and coat them with a fine film of oil in the brush. Salt and pepper 2 faces. Reserve them for the cool. 

Prepare the sauce: cut the butter in small pieces. Mix the cream and the Pastis Henri Bardouin in a bowl or a small pan placed in the bain-marie, then incorporate gradually the butter, without stopping whipping so that the mixture thickens as one goes along. Salt and pepper. Maintain in the warmth in the bain-marie.

Place an antiadhesive frying pan over medium heat. When it is very hot, to put scallops side by side and to cook them 1 minute 30 in 2 minutes on each side, so that they are gilded on surface and still just translucent in the heart. 
Arrange scallops on hot plates. Coat them of a little butter of Pastis and serve the rest separately. Strew with dill to the last one
Photo credit: Adobe Stock - Bruno Bouvry

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