Sanskritik Prasar

Sanskritik Prasar


By Jae Yeol Choi, Mixologist @ajtheneedy


30 ml Massenez Liqueur de Mangue

2 dashes Grande Absente

60 ml clarified green mango amazake


All parts are added into a mixing glass, stirred with ice,

Strained into a big block of ice in the rocks glass.

Garnished with dehydrated amazake solids mixed with mango flesh, curry powder.

Home made green mango curry amazake :

30 ml three foxes Australian vodka

30 ml water

20 ml quinoa amazake

3 g gewurzhaus south Indian seafood masala

7 g gewurzhaus amchur (green mango powder)

Has been mixed together, clarified with 20 g of full fat Greek yogurt.

Quinoa amazake:

200 g soaked quinoa

200 g organic culture rice koji

450 ml pre boiled water, cooled down below 60°C

Has been vac sealed, sous vide for 12 hours at 55 degrees Celsius. Strain, save solids for garnish

Garnish : dehydrated amazake solids mixed with curry powder and mango flesh

Dehydrate a teaspoon of solids, pre-mixed with a pinch of curry powder, pinch of sugar, and a few bits of mango flesh at 60 degrees for 12 hours

© Recipe & pic : Jae Yeol Choi, Mixologist @ajtheneedy

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