Sea perch in the Pastis Henri Bardouin

Sea perch in the Pastis Henri Bardouin

For 4 people


•  1 sea perch (not scaled and emptied by gills) 
For the practical joke: 
• 180 g of black olives
• 1 branch of celery 
• 5 cl of pastis Henri Bardouin
• 5 cl of olive oil 
• Flower of salt, pepper in the mill. 
Accompaniment; salad of green beans in the tarragon:
• 500 g of extra-fine French beans
• 1 shallot (sliced thinly finely) 
• 1 small bouquet of (lost leaves) tarragon 
• 2 soup spoons of olive oil 
• 1 soup spoon of red wine vinegar 
• Some flowers of borage 
• Salt and pepper.

Preparation :

Chop olives and branch of celery, water the whole of pastis Henri Bardouin and with olive oil. Salt, pepper. Fill the belly of the fish by gills with this preparation.

Leave in wait the time to prepare the barbecue and to cook French beans in a boiling salt water, 5 - 6 min.

Arrange the fish in a double railing and cook it 8 - 10 min on each side.

Season French beans of salt, pepper, tarragon, oil and vinegar.

Serve the whole fish in a dish having removed the ski and taste it with a little flower of salt, pepper, some oil of olive and lemon. Without forgetting the practical joke and the salad of green beans.

Crédit photo: Adobe Stock - Redzen

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