Sponge cake, creamy in the lemon, freezes in the yuzu, syrup in the Pastis Henri

Sponge cake, creamy in the lemon, freezes in the yuzu, syrup in the Pastis Henri

Ingredients and Material :

• 4 pans
• 1 ice-cream maker
• 1 confectioner's thermometer
• 2 spatulas
• 2 pockets with cake store

Ingredients for 10 people :

Some meringues and sheets of basil for the decoration

1 / Pain of Genoa :

• 310 gr of almond paste
• 90 gr of flour T55
• 9 gr of baking powder
• 100 gr of melted butter

2 / Sirop from sugar to the Pastis HB :

• 110 cl of Pastis Henri Bardouin
• 50 cl of water
• 150 gr of sugar

3/Crémeux in the lemon :

• 5 eggs
• 150 gr of sugar
• 3 lemons
• 175 gr of softened butter

4/Lemon ice cream and in Yuzu :

• 100 gr of glucose
• 1 kg of sugar
• 2 l of water
• 75 cl of lemon juice
• 25 cl of juice of Yuzu
• 2 cl of orange juice
• 20 gr of stabilizer

Preparation :

Sponge cake :

Preheat the oven in 180°C during 10 minutesMelt over a low heat the butter, reserveMix the almond paste cut in small dice, the flour and the baking powder in a pan by means of spatula, warm over a low heat. When the device is homogeneous, to add the tepid melted butter.Put down the preparation in a frame of 25 cms x 25 cms oiled and put on a sulphurized paper sheet.Cook during 10 minutes in 180°C, reserve.

Syrup of sugar in the Pastis HB :

Put down the sugar in a pan, add the water and the Pastis Henri Bardouin. Move with a small whip until complete dissolution of the sugar and warm until boiling, reserveCrémeux in the lemon:Extract the juice of lemons and mix it in the other ingredients in a pan. Warm the device in 85°C, take away from the fire and add the softened butter.Reserve.

Lemon ice cream and in the yuzu :

Put down the sugar, the stabilizer and the glucose in a pan, add the water, the juices of lemon, Yuzu and orange. Make warm over a low heat until complete dissolution of sugars.Pay the preparation into the ice-cream maker and slog during at least one hour, reserve.


Cut a band 25 cms in length on 1,5 cms in width from the sponge cake A the help of a brush, soak slightly the sponge cake with the syrup in the Pastis HB.Put down the band on a plate Poach the lemon crémeux with a cartridge n°10 on the band Intercaler a record of meringues between the ice and the crémeux Poach the ice in the yuzu on the sponge cake with a cartridge n°13 on the band.


Some sheets of basil

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