Tarts in the lemon of Chin and in the RinQuinQuin according to Pierre's recipe

Tarts in the lemon of Chin and in the RinQuinQuin according to Pierre's recipe

Ingredients and Material:

• 1 pie plate 20 cms in diameter with a removable bottom or 4 circles with tarts
• 1 drummer - mixer
• 1 whip
• 1 spatula
• 1 mixer
• 1 bottom of hen
• 1 rolling pin
• Parchment paper

Sweet dough : 

• 140 gr of butter
• 75 gr of icing sugar
• 25 gr of powder almonds
• 1 pinch of flower of salt
• 1 egg
• 250 gr of flour
• the zest of a lemon

Device in the lemon:

• 100 gr of sugar
• 1 lemon peel of Chin + ½ green lemon peel
• 2 eggs
• The juice of 2 lemons of Chin
• 4 cl of RinQuinQuin
• 100 gr of butter

Preparation :

For tarts :

Mix with the sheet of the drummer - mixer the softened butter, the icing sugar and the zest of the lemon, add the egg, the powder of almonds, the salt and the flour. When the mixture is homogeneous, flatten it finely in the roller between 2 sheets of sulphurized paper. Meadow cut it record of dough for the pie plate or encircles them in tarts and bands for sides. Reserve for the refrigerator during at least 30 minutes.Put the records of dough in the pie plate or circle with tarts from the exit of the refrigerator. Add immediately the band prédécoupée around the circle. Prick the bottom of tarts and recover him possibly of parchment paper and some balls of cooking to avoid the inflation of the dough. Put in the oven approximately 12 at 15 minutes in 180°C, funds must be gilded. Let cool.

For the device in the lemon :

Mix in a bottom of hen the caster sugar with the zest of a yellow lemon and the zest of 1/2 lime. Let rest 10 min for the distribution of flavors. Add then the lemon juice and the RinQuinQuin, the whole eggs and make thicken in the bain-marie by whipping ceaselessly. Take the preparation away from the fire, let it cool in 35°C then mix by adding 100 gr of softened butter without incorporating of air.


Spread the cream at the bottom of the pie plate or the tarts. Smooth in the spatula and sprinkle with icing sugar The advice of the blogger Mercotte to protect the crunchy of the dough: "5 min before the end of the cooking to white, to whitewash the dough with a little even just or beaten egg with some egg white and to end the cooking".

© Photo : Bambule Media

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