The cocktail of the month: Keep the Peach!

The cocktail of the month: Keep the Peach!

Keep the Peach, a surprising cocktail which carries well its name! Developed by Julien Lopez, Bartender in Copper Bay in Paris you can try from now on to realize this cocktail directly at your home!


• 4 cl of Whisky Monkey Shoulder infused into the red sandalwood

• 1.5 cl Rinquinquin

• 1.5 cl Walnut of Saint Jean

• 6 lines of bitters pecan nut


To concentrate the aromas, the whole cocktail is cooked vacuum in 60°C during 1 hour with a pinch (1 gr) of dried sheets of peach tree and half a dry apricot.

He is then served refreshed in the mixing glass. 


Bar and photo: Copper Bay Paris

Bartender: Julien Lopez

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